James Cameron Buys 50 RED EPIC-M Cameras

Academy Award winning director James Cameron has ordered 50 RED EPIC-M cameras. The cameras are a modular design and can be used to shoot in 3D, as two EPIC-Ms can be placed on the same mount and linked.

We already know that with the massive success that Avatar was worldwide the stage is set for a new flick in the franchise. These are no normal cameras. RED EPIC-M cameras are packed with tech and possibly the best-looking cameras on the planet with a very industrial design and an astounding 5K image resolution.

The RED EPIC-M cameras retail for $58,000 each putting Cameron’s order close to $3 million. This would surpass the order for 30 EPIC-Ms that Peter Jackson purchased late last year for The Hobbit. It is thought that Cameron may have placed the order for the sequel to Avatar, Avatar 2 that is due to hit cinemas in 2014.

The RED EPIC-M 5k-resolution is delivered courtesy of a 5k Mysterium-X sensor. It incorporates a bomb electronic viewfinder, a five-inch touchscreen, an SSD module, a remote and four 128GB SSD cards. The device can be used wire free and delivers a peak frame rate of 120FPS, even at its highest resolution settings.


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