Japan Protest China By Scrambling 8 F-15 Jets In Air

Last Thursday a Chinese government plane entered a small island in the East China Sea. Japan didn’t like it and hence few minutes later the country scrambled fighter jets as a protest.

Chinese Plane Enters Disputed Territory

Like Pakistan and India, who claim that Kashmir is theirs – Japan and China claim a small uninhabited island in the East China Sea is theirs. Japan calls this small island Senkaku and China calls it Diaoyu. Sometimes both countries even get into debates regarding this area. Japan warned China not to enter any ship or plane in that area. But last Thursday means on December 6, a Chinese B-3837 patrol plane entered that area. The Japanese Coast Guard mentioned that four Chinese maritime surveillance vessels were seen near the Japan-administered islands.

In order to protest, Japan scrambled eight F-15 fighter jets into air. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Osama Fujimura told reporters, “Despite our repeated warnings, Chinese government ships have entered our territorial waters for three days in a row. It is extremely regrettable that, on top of that, an intrusion into our airspace has been committed in this way.”

Here is a video for you.

Source: Reuters
Thanks To: CNN

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