Julian Assange Plans To Run For Senate

For many long months, Julian Assange, the creator of WikiLeaks, has been confined to the Ecuadorian embassy in London. However, apparently that hasn’t dimmed his fervor as reports suggest that Assange is planning to run for Senate in the state of Victoria.

Julian Assange

His party has already been registered in Australia as the WikiLeaks party. Now, it remains to be seen how well Assange will do in elections. His enrolment papers have already been submitted as The Age reports, “Assange’s application for electoral enrolment in Victoria was handed to the Australian Electoral Commission in Melbourne yesterday by WikiLeaks supporters including his father, Sydney architect John Shipton, who has been active in the initial organisation of the party.”

The interesting part is that although Swedish authorities may be adamant on pursuing rape charges against Assange, he is eligible for a run in the Senate elections in Australia. Moreover, many indicators suggest that given the overwhelming support for WikiLeaks in Victoria, he stands a fair change of winning the seat in the Senate.

Still, it remains unknown whether he will be able to retain that seat while being under house arrest in London or the seat would be passed on to some other member of the WikiLeaks party. Also, his election may cast additional pressure on the Swedish government to stop pursuing him without tangible evidence of his alleged crimes.

Courtesy: The Atlantic Wire

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