Killer Dolphins Escaped To The Black Sea During Training

Dolphin is one of the endangered animals whose number is decreasing day by day because of unwanted hunting. To protect this animal from being hunted, last year the Ukrainian Navy decided to re-institute a dolphin training program using old Soviet Union techniques. During the training period, the dolphins had pistols and knives strapped to their heads and were trained to attack and kill enemy using those knives and guns. But things went really interesting when these trained killer dolphins had escaped the Ukrainian Navy facilities because of their biological urges!

Dolphin Strapped With Pistols And Knives On Head During Training

Ukrainian Navy trained five dolphins about how to use pistols and knives that were strapped to their heads in order to attack and kill enemy. Five dolphins were doing great during exercise. After finishing a routine exercise, all 5 of them used to return to the Ukrainian Navy base in Sevastopol. But one day after finishing a routine exercise, only two returned.

Dolphin experts believe that the 3 killer trained dolphins escaped to The Black Sea to seek mates. But it has not been mentioned whether or not the 3 dolphins were armed.

On the other side, while Ukraine’s Defense Ministry was asked whether or not the Navy was utilizing or planning to utilize dolphins for military purposes, the ministry denied to comment further.

In addition, it remains unclear whether the Ukraine military officials expect to retrieve the dolphins. It is also unclear whether the dolphins were equipped with tracking devices, making recovery possible.

The story has really turned interesting. Do you think the 3 dolphins will return to the Ukrainian Navy base in Sevastopol after fulfilling their biological urges? Share your thoughts with us and the rest of the world below in the comment box.

Source: Justin Gregg (Dolphin Scientist), The Atlantic
Thanks To: Ria Novosti

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