Latest Production Shots From Tron: Legacy

We just got our hands on some new production shots from the set of Disney’s Tron: Legacy, and they look real! By that we mean director Joseph Kosinski is filming using actual sets, not just CGI.

Turns out, Kosinski has transferred all his knowledge from when he attended architecture school onto Tron, with actor and original Tron-man Jeff Bridges telling HitFix that:

“It’s interesting different filmmakers where they come from and what they bring to the film and [Kosinski’s] an architect and so the film has a very, you know, heightened design feel to it. And he hired this wonderful production designer, Darren Gilford. And he is out of car design so it adds another thing. It’s not somebody, you know, who is an interior decorator.”

We’ve already oohed and ahhed over the Tron bike (and shown you the best wallpaper design for Tron enthusiasts), so it figures that their production designer has a history with designing cars. You only have to look at this picture to know a lot of tender loving care was put into updating the bike with the right amount of 21st century futurism.

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