Lightning Strikes And Fries SUV, Family Shoots Video And Recharges Gadgets

When you are driving in rain and suddenly lightning strikes your car and knocks it out, while also recharging your gadgets, you will pause before deciding whether to be thankful or not that you’re alive. So was apparently the case with a family which, incidentally, filmed the whole thing.


The incident took place in Utah. The Morlock family was traveling in a fierce rain when one of the kids remarked that he wished the car was struck by lightning. With seconds of his utterance, the SUV was actually struck. Interestingly, the family was filming the journey and ended up capturing the lightning strike on film.

Fortunately, none of the passengers was harmed, although the car’s systems were fried. As a result, the family was stranded in the middle of the road until another car passed by, stopped and called for rescue.

The most interesting part of the whole incident was that the family had a number of such devices in car which had dead batteries. However, after the ligtning bolt, all of these devices were charged to full. Naturally, we wouldn’t say that this is the best, quickest way of recharging your devices.

The video of the incident is posted below. Although it isn’t very clear, you can still see the impact of the bolt when it jolts the car as well as the person capturing the film.

Courtesy: CNET

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