Musician Offers To Perk Up New York’s Subway Turnstiles With Music

Turnstiles are a boring part of the daily subway commute. To perk up the otherwise mundane gateways, musician James Murphy has now proposed to add music to the turnstiles.


The idea is simple: whenever a passenger inserts a ticket or taps a card, rather then silently following the process, the system should also play a unique symphony for the passenger. This seems minute but the overall affect of such a feature can really spice up the boring commute a tad bit.

Murphy has named his proposed project ‘Subway Symphony‘ and says that he came up with the idea when he witnessed gentle beeps and sounds at Tokyo’s subway system. The idea took a definite resolve when he also saw that a specific melody was played every time ahead of an announcement at the Barcelona airport.

He now proposes that a similar system be implemented in New York’s subway system, so that customers get to have a better experience at the drab turnstiles. MTA has admitted that Murphy’s idea is really cool and does offer a substantial improvement in the subway experience for the passengers. However, an MTA spokesman also said that implementing the idea may take too long and can incur huge costs.

Murphy, on the other hand, is undeterred and has launched a petition to garner support for the idea. If you think this is a really good idea and ought to be implemented, head over to the Subway Symphony site and sign the petition.

Source: Subway Symphony
Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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