Mysterious Shining Rocks In Mexico Cause Intrigue

A number of mysterious, shiny rocks have been found in Mexico. These rocks tend to emit a chlorine-like odor and change the color of paper and cardboard when placed on either. The rock is currently being tested in the labs in a bid to understand its composition.

Shiny rock

The local authorities have been unable to identify what are the causes of the shine or odor in these rocks. Currently, samples of the rock are being tested in a metallurgical laboratory in Copper del Mayo, Mexico.

According to a local official, “We don’t know what these rocks are but mining companies operating in the region are interested in analysing them in their laboratories.” Concerns have been cited as to what, if any, could be the adverse effects of these rocks on individuals.

Mining companies have also expressed interest in these rocks, given the fact that the rocks may comprise of a mineral with commercial uses. But so far, it isn’t known if the small rocks are indigenous to the region or they simply fell off some trucks along the road.

In the past, incidents of rocks exploding and causing damage have been reported. Very rarely, a rock may comprise of unusual compositions which can possibly give it a glow or make it quickly combustible.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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