This Year’s National Christmas Tree Will Be The Greenest Ever

Christmas is the occasion of jubilation and joy, and lighting up Christmas trees is a must in the commemoration. Many of these Christmas tree lighting make use of significant amount of electricity. However, White House is setting a greener precedent now by deciding to use a Christmas tree which would use 80% less power this year.

National Christmas Tree

This is an excellent move by the White House, and a symbolic one too. Every year, the National Christmas Tree attracts a lot of onlookers and until now, it would make use of a lot of power-hungry lights. In the past, many have pointed out that such lighting use of huge amounts of power each year.

Responding to this subtle criticism, the White House has decided to go greener on Christmas this year. Apparently, this year’s National Christmas Tree will be lit up with 450 strands of LED lights and 120 star-shaped LED objects to decorate the tree.

The best part is, the tree would light up and look beautiful not only in the night, but the decorations will also sparkle throughout the day. Compared to the 20,000 watts of power that the tree would have consumed using the normal lights, it is making use of a mere 4,000 watts, thanks to LED lights.

In other words, the White House has been able to cut down its Christmas tree power extravaganza by a whopping 80%, which is really remarkable. We hope that others will follow and will try to light up their Christmas trees without essentially straining the power grid.

Courtesy: ZDNet

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