New $100 Bill Is Harder For Counterfeiters To Copy

Counterfeiters always tend to come up with adequate ideas to duplicate a currency note with precision. However, the Federal Reserve is rolling out a new $100 bill soon, which makes use of a whole range of new features. These features, we’ve been told, will make it really hard for counterfeiters to duplicate the note.

New $100 US note

The new note will be made available on October 8 this year and all subsequent $100 bills will arrive with the same range of new features. The most striking change that has been made to the $100 note is that the image of Benjamin Franklin is larger and more pronounced.

It is slightly raised, with the collar of Benjamin Franklin bearing ‘United State of America’ in a microprint. The image is also raised, which lets anyone feel it with the fingers. Moreover, the watermark on the bill has also been changed so that it slightly duplicates when you hold it in front of light.

new $100 US note

The Liberty Bell on the note changes color when light is shifted on it. This has been accomplished with color-changing ink and can be a fairly hard feature to counterfeit. On the back side of the note, there’s a huge ‘100’ penned down in golden color.

The inside of this ‘100’ is filled with a solid gold color while its outline is of a blue hue. Such fine precision in features is what Federal Reserve hopes, will dissuade counterfeiters from copying the bill. The image of the Independence Hall on the back is also different, with the new note showing it from the rear. The timing on the bill shows a clock bearing ’10:30′ while the earlier note features ‘4:10.’

Courtesy: Slashgear

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