Thrill-Seeking Photographer Captured Rare Moments Of Lava Meeting Lightning

Professional photographers are really dedicated and passionate about their work. We have already seen a photographer waiting for two years to snap a perfect photo of the Milky Way Galaxy. Now, we have found another thrill-seeking photographer who have captured some awesome images of lightning while colliding with lava.

Rare Moments Of Lighting Colliding With Lava

Forty five-year old Martin Rietze is a thrill-seeking photographer from Germany. He prefers to take photos of active volcanoes. Though he has taken many superb images of active volcanoes, he was not satisfied with those. So he went to Sakurajima Volcano (active) in South Japan in February, 2013 to capture some stunning images of volcano, to be more specific, emerging lava with lightning. He waited four days around the volcano which was surrounded by poisonous gas and bubbling lava. And his patience didn’t go in vain. See the following images where lava emerging hundred feet above, and lava and lightning are captured together.

Lava From Sakurajima Volcano
Lava Emerging From Sakurajima Volcano
Lava From Sakurajima Volcano Raising High
Image Of Lighting And Lava-1
Image Of Lighting And Lava-2

Source: Daily Mail

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