New York Giants Said Before Super Bowl That They Are Champions – And Then They Win It

Super Bowl has attracted all the craze and passion of Americans, and even sports-fanatics from around the globe. It is the season when everyone is eagerly touting for their teams as winner. A very interesting move made by New York Giants was that they posted an advertisement to their website as well as badges to their Facebook and Twitter pages that they had won Super Bowl. This was done full 24 hours before the game had even started. And guess what, they did win it today!

This is the ad that was posted on Giants’ website and this shows the remarkable confidence that the team had in themselves. Analysts did call this as something overconfident and said that it may be very humiliating if eventually the Giants lost. However, later is was told by NFL that this was just a page that was positioned on NFL server in case Giants eventually did win. And while it was being positioned, the web page became momentarily available to the public.

As it is, New York Giants have officially won the game, beating New England Patriots by 21-17. Remarkably, this is the second Super Bowl win by Giants in just five years, which is a huge honor for a team. This really does show that a bit of self-confidence is not that bad a thing, after all.



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