Reports Emerge Of People Texting During Their Sleep

In the past, we have heard about people walking in sleep, talking in sleep and doing a whole lot of other strange things. However, now, many reports have emerged which show that people these days even text their family and friends during sleep, something which can eventually be embarrassing.

Sleep texting

Given the deep integration of technology in our lives, it is only inevitable that our subconscious, which feeds our dreams, is also affected. In the US, Dr Josh Werber who is a sleep expert, cites that in recent months, he has witnessed numerous cases of people texting during their sleep.

According to him, texting during sleep can not only be embarrassing for people, it can also lead to many health problems. If you text during your sleep, that also means that you’re not getting a deep enough sleep, which in turn can cause fatigue and restlessness.

To counter the problem, Dr Werber suggests his patients to either keep the smartphone away from their beds or keep it out of the bedroom altogether. He says that usually when a cellphone receives a message, it’s screen lights up which is registered by our brains as the time to wake up. Therefore, if you keep looking at your smartphone while in end, that may lead to poor sleep patterns.

Back in 2008, a similar phenomenon known as sleep emailing was registered by researchers. However, it wasn’t registered at a sufficiently large level. The same can be said about sleep texting. But although it is not a widespread phenomenon, it still hints at the way technology affects us at a subconscious level.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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