Rolling Hotel On Train Tracks

Jagnefält Milton Architecture has proposed a unique way to enliven the city: a hotel that rolls on the many train tracks that connect the town to the outside world.Guests, and locals will be able to tour the fjords and mountains while sitting in their rooms.The architects even envision a master plan for an entire town that can move on tracks, spread out during the summer, and huddle close in the winter.

The design utilizing new and existing train tracks to create a diverse system
where buildings roll through the city on rails, providing an opportunity to reorganize programmatic requirements in relation to the urban space. the mobile flexibility allows the city to adjust for uses such as concerts, festivals, markets, and seasonal changes.

The integration of mobile structures – including a rolling hotel, public bath and concert hall – has the potential to transform the city into a dense, integrated and continually changing scenography. The temporary, small-scale structures sets the ‘city in motion’, providing an important connectionbetween the land and the sea.

The proposal goes further to include a rolling public bath and concert hall — essentially a small resort that can travel along the rails. When winter sets in, the units collect near the town center along the various existing train tracks, adding fresh digs to the small town. The design has an interesting retro feeling, like when railroads in the US would accommodate private cars that would travel across the continent a hundred years ago.


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