[Video] Helmet Camera Captures Erratic Free-fall And Rescue Of Unconscious Skydiver

This incident might be the first time happened in the history. Few days ago, 25-year-old British skydiver James Lee jumped out of a flying plane for a skydive and during free-falling, he became unconscious. However, the camera placed on his helmet captured his erratic free-fall and rescue.


Lee jumped off from 12,500 feet above the ground. After jumping off the plane, Lee was accidentally hit on the back of his head by another skydiver and hence went unconsciousness. Lee’s other fellow jumpers were unaware of it. However, a few moments later, when two fellow skydivers noticed that Lee was not free-falling the way he was supposed to, they came closer and found him unconscious.

They corrected Lee’s positioning, cleared the area around him, and deployed his chute when they reached the correct altitude. After landing on the ground safely, Lee regained his consciousness with no memory of the drama that had unfolded seconds earlier. He was lucky that he was not seriously injured at all except having a sore neck and a big headache. Here’s the video of Lee’s erratic free-fall and rescue.


Source: Telegraph

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