Some Highly Memorable Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies

The Vancouver Winter Olympics are almost over. Today is the closing ceremony. I think this Winter Olympic is one of the greatest Winter Olympics ever in terms of its media hype & viewers’ attention. It’s the time to say goo bye Vancouver. Today’s closing ceremony will be full of huge spectacles of fireworks, armies of dancers, and stadium-filling vocal and many more. The closing ceremony will be aired tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

The choreographer for the finale is Jean Grand-Maitre, artistic director of the Alberta Ballet. NBC spent some $820 million on these games and stands to lose millions more. No pressure, Grand-Maitre, but these closing ceremonies might have to out-Avatar “Avatar” to make it all worth it.

Let’s just look back at the other closing ceremonies that marked some notable moments in our minds. Here are some great moments of the past “Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies” since 1992, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal. Hope you will enjoy.

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