Take A Bath With Na’vi’ Style In This Valentine’s Day: New Design

Lucedentro, an innovative Italian company that specializes in photo-luminescence to literally shed some light on new and inventive design. They made a bathtub using special mosaic, which glows in the evening. They used the solar technology to do that.

We often use candles around the bathtub while bathing with our loving valentine to give your bathing a romantic twist. The new design is a bit different. Lucedentro made the design to feel you are in Pandora. I suppose that all of you already watched AVATAR. Virtually you will feel that you r in Pandora and bathing like a Na’vi. Because the illuminating tile mosaic of the bathtub glows blue color.


Using the same technology as those glow in the dark remote buttons, the Mosaic tub is covered with thousands of photoluminescent tiles that absorb light all day when it’s bright out, then re-radiate it when it’s dark. The result is this beautiful blue glow that makes the tub look great. Photoluminescence” is the ability to naturally absorb solar or electric light, and when the lights go out the photoluminescent materials – in this case, the tiles – glow in range of cool colors. Photoluminescence can be incorporated into the production of various materials like glass, ceramic, plastic and wax, so your home can literally shine, even in the dark.

These photo-luminescent ceramic mosaic tiles measure 1.7 by 1.7 cm. Sure, they may be small, but they make a big impression!


Source: Lucedentro, Gizmodo, Trendir

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