Techie Guy Runs For New York City’s Mayoral Race

It is not often that we get to see a politician or a person in an administrative position who has a sound enough knowledge and understanding of technology. Jack Hidary aims to disrupt this trend by running for New York City’s mayoral race while being a ‘nerd’ and being a thorough techie.

Jack Hidary

Hidary has a rather impressive past when it comes to technology. He apparently learned his first computer language when he was only 14, set up campus network when he was 19 (and email wasn’t a very well-known phenomenon back then) and created a tech consulting company of his own, called EarthWeb, in 1995.

In other words, Hidary hails from the generation which was the first to lay its hands on the internet and witnessed, first-hand, the explosive growth of technology while being right in the midst of it. And he is very right in claiming that, “There’s no other candidate that is in the race that has the connections that I have in Silicon Valley.”

With such an impressive background, Hidary also has some very unconventional ideas. For instance, when it comes to education, he believes that the way schools currently impart education is not working. He rather proposes a different learning method, which he elaborates on thus, “It’s called blended learning, because it’s hitting different parts of the brain, not just one part of the brain. It’s hitting the visual part, it’s hitting the team-based part, it’s hitting the problem-solving part — not just memorization and writing some answers down.”

It is good to note that there is finally an IT-aware person in the political crowd. However, in the actual race for the seat of mayor, Hidary may have to face stiff competition since he doesn’t exactly have a political experience. That shouldn’t be a deciding factor but the conventional politics suggests otherwise.

Courtesy: Mashable

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