The Social Network

The Social Network is the movie about the creation of facebook.The Social Network facebook movie is all about the hoodies and shower shoes.The Social Network is officially opens in theaters……

Much is made of Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg’s ubiquitous grey hoodie. Not so much the Adidas shower shoes that — if “The Social Network” isn’t the complete work of fiction Facebook reps claim it to be — Zuck wore with and without socks throughout his time at Harvard and Facebook’s meteoric rise.Having just seen a screening of the movie (which hits theaters Oct. 1), I’m inclined to side with the Facebook reps on the colorful liberties taken with events, certainly dialog, and possibly wardrobe. In his portrayal of Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg (aka the rich man’s Michael Cera) wears at least six different colored hoodies.

“The Social Network” is worth seeing — fast paced and engaging — an achievement all the more impressive considering this is a movie pretty much about coding and legal documents. One wonders what director David Fincher (“Fight Club”) and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing”) could’ve done with 2008 dud “Valkyrie”— another movie about paperwork.Where “The Social Network” fails in historical accuracy — and all movies based on “actual events” do — it succeeds in hitting key points in the Horatio Alger narrative, revealed through the color of hoodie fictional “Zuckerberg” wears in any particular scene.

The Social Network is simply a good movie and it is quite much the real story of Facebook.


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