TiGr Titanium Bike Lock

TiGr Titanium bike lock keeps thieving bastards at bay and this thing is a long titanium bow that you would probably need a blowtorch to cut through, the bike lock is on Kickstarter right now seeking the funds to come to reality.The titanium is flexible, but very difficult to cut, it stood up to a 48-inch bolt cutter and the TiGr can then wrap around the top cylinder of your bike and also you stow the locking cylinder in your pocket………………


Graphic designer Joshua Newman and industrial designer John Loughlin have a new bike lock design, called the TiGr lock, that they are Kickstarting right now and TiGr is titanium lock system, it’s secure, versatile, elegant, light, easy to use and easy to store. A really secure bike lock that’s actually sexy.The TiGr system includes a flexible Titanium bow and a compact, highly pick resistant lock cylinder. The TiGr bow has a protective coating to protect your bike and stores snugly and unobtrusively on the top tube with simple and light weight straps. The Titanium bow is flexible so you can lock your bike to a variety of structures up to about 5 1/2” in diameter. Depending on your wheel base, rim and tire configuration, you can even lock both wheels (without removal) and frame to a structure. The lock body is precision machined from 304 Stainless Steel and the lock mechanism uses a highly pick-resistant and environmentally robust rotary disc key mechanism.  Top tier rewards will be equipped with an Abloy Protec lock cylinder encased in a precision machined Titanium body. Abloy is the best of the best when it comes to high security locks. The lock body is light and compact (0.5” Diameter x 1.8” Long) and stores easily in your seat bag or pocket.


The Titanium shackle will be available in two widths; 0.75” and 1.25”. The 0.75” provides good securityand light weight and is appropriate for moderate threat scenarios. The 1.25“ version provides a superior level of bike security.The 1.25” titanium bow survives a 48” bolt cutter attack and that sawing is extremely difficult and time consuming due to the springy nature of the titanium bow at a third the weight of a common U-lock.Volunteers have been real world testing the lock for nearly a year and the feedback has been excellent. It’s given us the encouragement and support to get the design patent pending. Now we want to do the next step.The project needs $37,500 to test and produce an initial batch according to designer John Loughlin, has about a month to go before the project is funded, and so far, John has about half of his goal pledged.The coolest thing I see about his lock is if someone did steal your bike and left the lock behind you could totally kick some ass with it and it also looks like a blunt sword.


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