Two Verizon Staffs Arrested For Stealing A Local Waitress’ Nude Pics

Two Verizon cellphone salesmen in Polk County have been fired from job and police arrested them. Why? Because they stole nude photographs from a customer’s phone and passed it to others.

24 year old Joshua Stuart and 26 year old Gregory Lampert worked at a Verizon store in Bartow, Florida. One day these men were helping an attractive female customer who was actually a local waitress transferring the data from her old phone to a new one. While they were doing so, they found some self-shot sexy nude photos of that customer in her phone. Without letting her know, Gregory Lampert artfully transferred the nude pictures to his mobile and laptop.

These two evil minded people were caught at then when a local bartender came into the store for an upgrade to his mobile. Fortunately this bartender was the friend of that local waitress but unfortunately Stuart and Lampert were unaware of this. However at one moment Stuart informed him that they have some sexy self-shot nude photo of a local waitress and showed him 21 out of 22 nude photos. After coming out from that store, the bartender told that local waitress everything and after having some discussion, he informed police regarding the matter.

When the police came the local waitress told that she had captured some “very private” photos of her body in her old mobile. She also said that Stuart and Lampert stole her “very private” photos of her body without letting her informed. However later police came with a search warrant. They searched the Verizon store and found the nude images of that local waitress on Lampert’s laptop and two phones. Lampert admitted that he with the help of Joshua Stuart stole the nude pictures and transferred it to his laptop and phones.

Police arrested Lampert. But as Stuart is currently out-of-state, so police couldn’t arrest him but they are waiting for Stuart’s return.

Source : The Register

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