Water Discus: A UFO Shaped Partially Underwater Hotel

Earlier we reported that Apple plans to make a spaceship-like campus. And now a Polish architectural and deep-sea engineering company Deep Ocean Technology has inked a deal with Ridgewood Hotels and Suites Pvt. Ltd. to build a UFO-shaped partially underwater hotel named “Water Discus” in the Maldives.

Water Discus

Water Discus Hotel is a luxury multi-million dollar resort featuring 2 large disc-shaped lounges which are 7 meters above the water based on five pillars, 21 movable rooms in the heart of spectacular coral reefs, housing a luxury restaurant and spa. The lounges will be connected to a glass tunnel plunging 30 meters below the water.

The upper deck of Water Discus will house a spa, restaurant, a helicopter landing pad, a rooftop seawater pool and a tropical garden. That means the upper part of the structure will allow guests to take advantage of all that the local climate has to offer.

Water Discus-1
Water Discus-2
Water Discus-3
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Water Discus-10
Water Discus-11
Water Discus-12

On the other side, the lower deck which will be built up to 30 meters below the surface is more attractive. It will house 21 soundproof and movable guest rooms. There will be hotel bar as well as a submarine, airlocked dive center that leads divers straight into the ocean. For deep-sea divers, the dive center also includes a decompression chamber. Other water activities include three-passenger submersibles for deep-sea exploration, motor boats, water-skiing, jet skis and underwater scooters.

The Polish developer company has received green light from the national ministry of tourism to begin construction off the island of Kuredhivaru, where the ambitious underwater project will be built amidst delicate coral reefs in crystal clear waters. There is no details when the construction will commence or the hotel will be opened, but the company has mentioned that report that it will begin the design stage immediately.

Source: CNN

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