[Video] See Where Asteroids Have Hit Earth Since 2001

Until now, many asteroids have hit Earth at different times. B612 Foundation has made a visualization which shows where asteroids have hit the Earth since 2001.

Earth Hit By Asteroids
The visualization reveals 26 places where asteroids hit from 2001 to 2013. The presentation leans on data collected by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO). It is to be noted here that the CTBTO operates a network of sensors that listens out for clandestine atom bomb detonations. Here’s the list where asteroids hit from 2001 to 2013.

8/25/2000 (1-10 kilotons) North Pacific Ocean
4/23/2001 (1-10 kilotons) North Pacific Ocean
3/9/2002 (1-10 kilotons) North Pacific Ocean
8/9/2006 (1-10 kilotons) Indian Ocean
9/2/2006 (1-10 kilotons) Indian Ocean
10/2/2006 (1-10 kilotons) Arabian Sea
12/9/2006 (10-20 kilotons) Egypt
9/22/2007 (1-10 kilotons) Indian Ocean
12/26/2007 (1-10 kilotons) South Pacific Ocean
10/7/2008 (1-10 kilotons) Sudan
10/8/2009 (>20 kilotons) South Sulawesi, Indonesia
9/3/2010 (10-20 kilotons) South Pacific Ocean
12/25/2010 (1-10 kilotons) Tasman Sea
4/22/2012 (1-10 kilotons) California, USA
2/15/2013 (>20 kilotons) Chelyabinsk, Oblast, Russia
4/21/2013 (1-10 kilotons) Santiago Del Estero, Argentina
4/30/2013 (10-20 kilotons) North Atlantic Ocean

Here’s the video that B612 Foundation has released.

Source: B612 Foundation
Thanks To: BBC

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