Wild Prognosis to Stretch the Imagination of Tech Addicts in 2012

Instead of checking all the sensible technology reports and writing a rumor round up to try and guess what we should expect from the industry giants next year, Mashable challenges us with a few crazy predictions with Lance Ulanoff’s intriguing style, half joking half serious when presenting a list of “what ifs”.

What if Facebook is going to buy Digg? After Digg started using Facebook’s OpenGraph this year, the next move would allow a better integration of the two services. Users will be able to dig profiles and people instead of liking them. The sound of 70s will be fashionable again once we all start using dig in everyday conversations.

What if a new technology will allow us to reinvent movie endings according to our own liking? In a world of customizable products, is only a matter of time since a new technology is developed allowing us to enjoy different endings of the classic movies. As Lance Ulanoff explains this technology, let’s call it Fresh Ends, will work quite simply: “using CGI, Hollywood script writers, voice and context recognition and logic algorithms, Fresh Ends technology will generate new endings for some of the world’s most popular films.”

What if Apple would release a hybrid table smartphone? Forget all the rumors about the redesigned NFC, LTE enabled iPhone 5, or about the next generation iPad with impressive features, or even about the iPad mini. Apple would really adopt a jaw-dropping eyebrow raising strategy if is going to introduce a 5 inch or more hybrid tablet iPhone.

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