Find The Location Of Santa Claus On Christmas

Years ago, a mistyped number in a newspaper ad prompted children to call up North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and ask for their presents. The incident turned into a tradition and in a highly digital world today, Norad, Google and other have joined hands to let you track Santa Claus online through maps and apps.

In case you wish to track the location of Santa and know where he is headed and when he is expected to drop by at your place, you can easily do it now.

How to track Santa?
Of course the easiest way is to simply go to NORAD’s website and see where Santa is currently and where he is headed. If you really want to stay up to date, you should follow NORAD’s twitter, facebook and Google+ accounts. And in case you also want a view of the Santa Clause videos, don’t miss out on NORAD’s Youtube channel.

Another interactive way of following Santa around the globe is to download Google Earth plug-in for browser and then track Santa’s journey in 3D. With the increased influence of smartphones, it is really important that mobile users are provided some means through which they can track Santa on the go. This purpose is well served by NORAD’s app for Android and iOS.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with just following the journey of Santa and really want a more personal feel on Christmas eve, don’t forget to call to call Santa up and have your very own personalized message from him.

Merry Christmas!

Image courtesy MrDos.

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