9-year-old Boy Is The Youngest Wildlife Photographer! Wins The Young Wildlife Photographer Award This Year

To some people, photography is a passion. Some photographers believe, wild life photography is more than passion. However, usually adults or a bit aged photographers get involved in wild life photography, but that doesn’t mean that kids or teenagers can’t be a wild life photographer. Lately, a 9-year-old boy has become the youngest wildlife photographer. In fact, he has become the young wildlife photographer of the year.

Carlos Perez Naval

Since 1964, the National History Museum in London has been organizing their annual Wildlife Photographer Of The Year contest. This year, the Grand title winner in Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, which includes photographers up to 17 years of age, was Carlos Perez Naval – a 9-year-old boy from Spain.

Carlos Perez Naval With Her Mom

Carlos’ parents are tireless travelers, and they always take their son to all their trips around the world. He takes a bigger lens every time when he goes abroad. When he was 4, he started taking photos of all the nature he saw – first with a compact camera and now with professional equipment. However, Carlos doesn’t need to be in far away lands to take nice photos. Rather he has captured so many superb photographs of wild life from his garden and surrounding Teruel. Here are some of his wild life photographs.

Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 1
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 2
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 3
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 4
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 5
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 6
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 7
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 8
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 9
Carlos Perez Naval Photograph - 10

You will find more amazing photographs of Carlos Perez Naval at his website.

Source: Carlos Perez Naval
Thanks To: independent.ie

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