Zuckerberg Purchases Four Houses Adjacent To His Home In Palo Alto

If your fortunes are estimated to be at $19 billion, buying a house isn’t exactly an issue for you. So it is quite unsurprising that Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has bought four houses adjacent to his own home in Palo Alto, paying a total sum which is in the neighborhood of $30 million.

Zuckerberg house

According to people familiar with the matter, the reason why Zuckerberg decided to buy the houses was simply because a property developer intended to market these house as ‘next door to Facebook’s CEO.’ As a marketing move, this would have earned the developer a lot of money but this also meant that Zuckerberg would get such neighbors who would know him and nag him often.

So he simply decided to purchase all the four houses that are adjacent to his home. In all, this has cost him nearly $30 million and the most interesting part is that Zuckerberg has leased back the homes to the families already residing there. This goes on to show that the investment was made out of a need for a peaceful neighborhood and not for profit.

His own home in Palo Alto consists of 5 bedrooms and he lives there with his wife, Priscilla Chan. Zuckerberg purchased it nearly two years ago and paid $7 million for it back then. Typically, he has tried to maintain a low-key profile at his home and in the neighborhood, despite being one of the most famous faces in the tech world. However, he does occasionally hold different events at his residence.

Courtesy: Mercury News

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