Bodies Of Domesticated Animals Release ‘Love Hormone’ Just Like Humans

When a person is romantically attracted to another, or is touched by an act of kindness or such, his body releases a ‘love hormone’ called oxytocin. A fresh research now shows that the bodies of domesticated pets also release the same hormone.


It has long been said that dogs tend to be very loyal and loving towards their owners. Here, now, is the scientific proof and explanation of the phenomenon. Oxytocin is basically the ‘happy hormone’, the satisfied or gleeful feeling we have when we meet a person we truly admire.

The bodies of pets such as dogs and goats also release such hormones. As part of a research, researchers at University of California examined blood samples from a domestic mixed-breed terrier and a goat. The two animals would regularly play with each other and have benign, childish sort of fun.

So the researchers took blood samples from them and left them to each other in a closed pen. The dog and the goat played and fooled along with each other and then their blood samples were taken again. According to Paul Zak, who was leading the research, “The result was very surprising. The dog had a 48% increase, which was big for a human. But the goat’s response was incredible – for humans this it was basically true love. The only time I have seen such a surge in oxytocin in humans is when someone sees their loved one, is romantically attracted to someone, or is shown an enormous kindness.”

In a related experiment, 100 human participants gave their blood samples and then interacted with a dog or a cat for a few minutes. Their blood samples were then retaken and a surge in the oxytocin levels were found in nearly all of them. These findings clearly illustrate that when humans and pets bond, they actually feel happy in the company of each other, much like we would feel good in the company of our friends or some person we love.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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