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Researchers Saying Drone Implanted In Brain May Restore Lost Memory

It is said that brain is the CPU of every living being things in this world. Much of the brain’s job involves receiving information from the rest of the body, interpreting that information, and then guiding the body’s response to it. However, there are many people in this world who have lost their memories due to an accident or shock. And now, some researchers are saying that drone implanted in brain may restore lost memory.

Brain Implant Can Restore Memory Loss

Brain is such an amazing thing whose mysteries have no end. Therefore, researchers are always busy unveiling the new mystery of brain. Researchers often do many experiments with brains. Earlier we have seen researchers implanting human brain cells into mice which enabled the mice to boost their learning ability! Besides, researchers have discovered that reading novel improves brain function. That’s not all. Study has shown that brain exercises can improve mental abilities for decades and mild electric shocks to brain may help increase math solving power.

Man Running Inside A Brain

Andres Lozano, chairman of neurosurgery at the University of Toronto said, “The way human memory works is one of the great unsolved mysteries. This has tremendous value from a basic science aspect. It may have huge implications for patients with disorders affecting memory, including those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.”

However, now the Pentagon is exploring the development of implantable drones that may one day help reverse some lost memory caused by brain injury. At the very beginning, the goal of the project is to treat some of the more than 280,000 troops who have suffered brain injuries since 2000, including in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pentagon has sought research proposals from companies and organizations, asking for ideas on stimulating brain tissue to help restore memory.

Restoring memory project is part of President Barack Obama‘s BRAIN initiative, which funds research that seeks to find treatments for some of the most common brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and brain injury.

However, Pentagon’s idea for exploring the development of implantable drones into brain is still far from certain that such work will result in an anti-memory-loss device, but the words of the project are creating excitement after more than a decade of failed attempts for developing drugs to treat brain injury and memory loss.

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