Can Modern Technology Replace Doctors

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AI is anything that can mimic human capabilities in performing a certain task. It can perform a task just like a human would or it can outperform them. But we should not be worried about AI replacing doctors as it will have both its advantages and disadvantages.

What is AI

Most of the present day Artifical Intelligence does not come in an independent form. Which means these technologies have distinct dissimilarities with Machine Learning. Machine learning relies on Neural Networks. It can test every possible event given a certain set of variables. On the other hand, most of the Computer use in the Medical Sector relies on human-concocted algorithms to look into a certain dataset and derive solutions or treatment recommendations.

AI Replacing Doctors

Computers can use specialized Algorithms to look into huge datasets and medical records. Then it can search for the most appropriate set of medicines or sets of chemotherapy or a combination of both. This idea is already applied in treatment for cancer patients.

One of the most notable computer algorithms which use this concept was developed by Dr. Gabriel Excobar from The Permanente Medical Group.

Doctors stationed at the surgical unit of any hospital have to transfer patients to the ICU unit due to unpredictable health deterioration. This happens very often. Furthermore, this scenario is more likely to happen because the surgical unit of any hospital usually has the largest number of patients. However, if doctors intervene in the critical moment the patient has a greater chance of survival.

To solve this challenge Dr. Gabriel designed an analytical model that can predict which patients will require ICU support. Afterwards, they integrated this model into the computer system of hospitals which regularly monitor the health status of patients. It also had the feature of notifying responsible doctors about the situation.

Wrapping Up!

So we can see that AI can’t really replace Doctors as of now. We can, however, use AI and other technological advancements to enhance the capabilities of human physicians. Although it is very likely that robots and computers will be more accurate in conducting critical medical surgeries that are subject to the minimal human error. But that might take a few more years to come into play.

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