[Breakthrough] Drug Enables A Bald Man Having Head With Full Of Hair

Who says that drugs have only bad effects upon human? They have some fabulous effects too. And this might be a great news to bald head person or who have less hair. A man named Kyle Rhodes had completely bald head. But after drugs, his bald head entirely turns into a garden of hair.

Effect Of Drugs On Bald Head

At the age of 2, Kyle Rhodes was diagnosed with alopecia areata and after that his hair started to fall out in patches. By the age of 18, Rhodes lost all the hair on his head and body. Rhodes couldn’t accept such scenario and hence, he met Dr. Brett King at Yale University. After examining Rhodes, his doctor found that the hair loss of Rhodes was caused by an autoimmune disease. So the doctor decided to use a drug called Xeljanz which is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Note that Xeljanz is a new, expensive drug. ON the other hand, using Xeljanz is not a good idea as many people who have taken this drug Xeljanz have died from infections such as tuberculosis, and others face an increased risk of cancer. According to Cotsarelis, the chairman of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, said, “This drug really can have some nasty side effects. You really have to decide how much risk you want to (take).”

However, the very astonishing thing is 8 months later, Rhodes bald head entirely turned into a garden of hair. That’s not all. Apart from growing hair on bald head, Rhodes’ eyebrows and eyelashes grew back, as did the rest of the hair on his body.

After seeing this dermatologist, Dr. Brett King said that he had no idea whether or not the drug will work. King said, “I was ecstatic. I was truly overjoyed for him.”

King has also said that he hopes to make a cream form of Xeljanz so that a patient can use it right at the source of hair loss rather than taking a pill and exposing the whole body to the drug. King thinks conducting more research on this is a worthy one. And now, he wants to try this method out on more patients like he did on Kyle Rhodes soon.

Source: Yale News
Courtesy: CNN

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