R/C Jumping Kart 3-in-1 Copter Car

There are plenty of remote-controlled cars and helicopters over the years.But this is the first one that ever seen that starts out driving on the ground, then instantly takes to the air.Kyosho’s R/C J-Kart (Jumping Kart) just needs a little bit of runway when it first starts up, then quickly lifts off.

Basically, this new toy from Kyosho is a racing car but with the power of flying.It is pretty simple actually – it is a racing car which can fly as well. Imagine, you are speed racing with your folk on the tracks and suddenly an obstacle comes in your way, all you need to do is to press the Power Boost button and the rotors will be activated. Your car will fly over the obstacle and be back on the track.

Also, you can use the flexible suspension to make your car jump. Moreover, this is not just any ordinary flying machine that is hard to control like most of the others. This one has internal gyro sensors which keep the car stable while it’s flying around.

The only thing not to like about this thing is the price if you want to import one from Japan. Selling for $124 (USD), it’s quite steep for what really amounts to a toy.

Here’s a video clip of the car in action to ahow you how it works.


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