Scientists Invented A Drug That Prevents Cancer Cells From Spreading

Cancer harms the body when damaged cells rapidly spreads inside the body. But the reality is cancer cells are not invaders, rather they are our own cells which get turned against us. Scientists have long been trying to prevent damaged cells from rapidly spreading inside a cancer affected person’s body. And now scientists are saying that they have created a new drug that can block gene from spreading cancer cells inside body.

Man To Catch Cancer Escaping On A Motorcycle With A Lasso

Earlier, we reported that a 15-year-old student had made a software that can detect cancer-causing genes. On the other hand, scientists have said that modified measles vaccine can kill cancer. Besides, they have found a way to divert cancer cells from organs and stop them from spreading. Even we have heard scientists saying trip to outer space slows down the growth of cancer cells and poor sleep accelerates cancer spread.

However, there’s a protein called Ral which drives tumor growth and metastasis in several human cancers including pancreatic, prostate, lung, colon and bladder, when becomes active. Scientists used sophisticated computer models to examine the structure of the Ral protein in its “inactive” form, looking specifically for changes in this structure as the protein became “active”. It turned out that “inactive” Ral has a cavity that disappears when the protein becomes active. But scientists found that RBC8, a molecule, has great potential to slow down the growth of human cancer cells.

To further refine the working molecule, the team synthesized derivatives of RBC8 and compared these derivatives to the parent molecule, finding that a compound they labeled BQU57 was quite effective. Then scientists tested this onto human lung cancer cell models in mice. Hours after dosing, BQU57 had entered tumor tissue. Not only had it entered tumor tissue, but the drug slowed the growth of these tumors. Analysis showed that BQU57 had stopped the activation of Ral in treated tumors. In other words, the drug can slow the growth of human cancer cells. For further details, hit the link below.

Source: Medical Express

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