(Video) Scientists Found 15 Million-year-old Whale Skull

Earlier we have seen a girl discovering 115 million-year-old dinosaur fossils from a beach. And lately Calvert Marine Museum officials have found fifteen million-year-old whale skull near Robert E. Lee’s Virginia birthplace.

15-million-year-old Whale Skull

Apparently, the whale skull is from a baleen whale — a toothless filter-feeder. It is six feet long and weighs 1,000-pound. This whale scull has been found on the Potomac River shore of Virginia’s Stratford Hall Plantation — the birthplace of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. But the rest of the skeleton is still buried in the cliffs.

Fifteen Million-year-old Whale Skull

Fifteen Million-year-old Whale Skull

Unfortunately, officials of Calvert Marine Museum are not sure whether it is really a skull of baleen whale or not, so they will examine the entire skeleton within the next couple of weeks to be sure. But, looking at the size of whale skull, museum officials believe that the whale “would have been 25 or more feet long.” At present, museum officials are trying to retrieve the rest of the creature’s remains. Here’s a video of the excavation.

Source: Calvert Marine Museum
Thanks To: The Washington Post

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