Dutch Scientists Teleport Information Using Quantum Entanglement

There is a lot going on in the field of quantum physics and quantum technology these days. Dutch scientists have now joined the fray by successfully teleporting information over a distance of 10 feet, exploiting a phenomenon called ‘quantum entanglement.’

Quantum entanglement

Over the course of the last century, physicists have found out that certain particles exist in pairs and are connected to each other. So even if we separate these particles by a huge distance, they will still be connected. And as soon as the state of one of these particles is altered, the other changes accordingly and instantly. Einstein called this effect ‘spooky‘ which it indeed is because we don’t understand it yet and it works at all distances.

Dutch scientists were able to teleport information over a distance of only 10 feet using this phenomenon. This is a good start, which goes on to demonstrate that we are finally learning to leverage quantum notions. The development adds up to numerous other quantum-computing researches which are ongoing all over the world.

A significant portion of computer scientists and physicists believe that quantum computing is the future of technology. This belief is grounded in the fact that exploiting quantum mechanics can enable us to make instant communications regardless of the distance. Imagine being able to transmit a message to a planet thousands of light years away so that the message reaches that planet the very same second.

That is exactly what quantum computing offers. Particles in the quantum model do not exist or function linearly. They can disappear and reappear, exist at multiple states and levels, even at multiple places at the same time. Quantum computing efforts are meant to make use of this unique and extraordinary set of properties that particles in the subatomic world possess.

The achievement by the Dutch scientists debunks the myth that we can’t use quantum mechanics in our everyday life. The experiment hints that it may finally be possible for mankind to build quantum communications one day, a feat which may allow our race to reach out to other possible life-forms in the universe.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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