Global Warming To Increase Temperature Each Year After 2047

Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. It has been found that temperature is increasing rapidly in Central West Antarctica. Eminent biologist professor Frank Fenner has even mentioned that humans may extinct within the next 100 years for environmental destruction and climate change. However, lately the news that has created a buzz is that there will be no year after 2047 which will be as cool as now.

Mirage For Global Warming

According to a new analyst report, by the time you reach your parents’ age, you may find each time a new year that will be hotter than any year you experienced before 2005. The analysts have mentioned that in 2008, the Earth’s oceans became more acidic than they ever were between 1860 and 2005. At present world, the oceans have absorbed about half of the carbon dioxide emitted from human activity since the industrial revolution. And that absorbed carbon makes the water acidic, which is harmful to many marine species.

That’s not all. The analysts have pointed that the increase of global warming at different parts of the world at different times will affect the tropical zone most. That’s concerning because so many of Earth’s species live in the tropics. More importantly, many tropical countries have not sufficient resources to deal with disasters from climate change.

Here’s a global warming map that shows predicted dates that temperatures in selected cities will exceed historical norms.

Impact Of Global Warming

However, the analysts have identified 2047 as the last year of being a cool year and after that, meaning from 2048 and afterwards, the temperature will start raising each year if carbon emissions is not been controlled from now. The report has been published in the journal Nature.

Source: Washington Post

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