A Happy Marriage Leads To A Healthy Heart

There are a number of factors which affect the health of our hearts. Notable among these is stress or unhappiness. A new research now reveals that a happy marriage can actually boost cardiovascular health.


Stress, depression or unhappiness can be a huge contributing factor to a dwindling cardiovascular health. A happy marriage means that you are no longer distressed or depressed, which essentially translates to improved health of your heart.

Similarly, if two partners in a marriage feel that they are not getting adequate support or happiness by being with each other, that tends to rise the risk of heart problems. The research was conducted by psychologists at University of Utah.

Bert Uchino was a part of the team involved in the research. According to him, “There is a large body of epidemiological research suggesting that our relationships are predictors of mortality rates, especially from cardiovascular disease. But most prior work has ignored the fact that many relationships are characterized by both positive and negative aspects — in other words, ambivalence.”

The study involved surveying a total of 136 older couples about their marriages. Survey questions asked these respondents about the support they received from their spouses when in time of need. Nearly 30% stated that they were getting sufficient support from their partners while 70% stated that sometimes their partners lend them positive support but at others, their support is just not enough.

These survey results were then matched with a CT scan of the respondents’ coronary arteries. The results show that such partners who view each other as ambivalent in terms of support, run the highest risk of heart problems. In such cases where only one partner felt this way, the risk was low while in such rare cases where both partners saw each other as fitfully supportive, the risk was lowest.

Courtesy: News Max Health

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