Harald Haas Brings New Type Of Light Bulb That Can Illuminate And Communicate

Harald Haas, a professor of Engineering at Edinburgh University, has been studying on ways to communicate electronic data signals, designing modulation techniques since long. The purpose is to pack more data onto existing networks. Haas has achieved an exceptional success in his working. He can transmit data via an LED bulb that glows and darkens faster than the human eye can see without using wires and radio waves. Seems, car headlights are preparing to transmit data….

Harald Haas calls the system ‘D-Light’. D-Light uses OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). OFDM is a mathematical trick that allows it to vary the intensity of the LED’s output at a very fast rate. That means, the bulb will simply be turned on and provide light but it’ll be invisible to the human eye. Simple receivers pick up the signal easily. The current transferring data rate is up to 10 MBit per second which is faster than a typical broadband connection. Moreover, its data transferring rate is under development to pass more data at more less time and easily. Hope so, by the end of this year 100 MBit per second will be built and in future possibly it’s up to 1 GB.

Harald Haas said, “Everywhere in a day there is light. Look around. Everywhere. Look at your smart phone. It has a flashlight, an LED flashlight. These are potential sources for high-speed data transmission. It should be so cheap that it’s everywhere. Using the visible light spectrum, which comes for free, you can piggy-back existing wireless services on the back of lighting equipment.” Here is the video of his speech.

Source : TED

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