A Man Believes A Tornado Might Be Able To Power The World

It is electricity or the solar energy that powers the world. But a man named Louis Michaud believes that one day Tornadoes might be able to power the world.

Louis Michaud

72-year-old Louis Michaud has built a prototype that he calls a vortex engine. This engine is a plywood contraption which is just 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide and is capable of whipping up tiny vortexes. Although these vortexes are not big enough to create electricity, Michaud thinks that scaled up, organized, controlled atmospheric vortexes could help to create the “most favorable energy source” (that he means electricity) on our planet. He has estimated that it would be possible to generate around 3,000 times electricity than the electricity generated worldwide today.

No doubt, at this point Michaud’s thought is at extreme hypothetical position, but the good news is he has received funding from Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs (Breakout Labs funds innovative companies) to harness energy through man made vortexes.

If you are interested to read Louis Michaud’s detailed work process, visit here.

Source: PopSci

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