ITRI Developed MediRobot To Help Medical Caregivers

In a medical, we find lots of people are lying on bed or sitting on a wheel-chair. It’s really tough to lift up a bedridden person from the bed to a wheelchair or the reverse one. If you don’t know the techniques of how to lift up a fully paralyzed patient easily, then there will be no limits for your trouble. While lifting up the patient, the most hard thing is maintaining the balance. It’s really a difficult job. But ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) MediRobot may make our job easy. The robot is specially designed to lift and transfer patients very easily. This robot may become the future’s perfect nurse!

When a people is lifting up a fully paralyzed patient at one swoop and take the patient onto the wheelchair in a swift motion, he/she needs to get his/her balance perfect. If he/she fails to maintain his/her balance and slips, one or bot may fall on the ground and get grievous injury, or perhaps death. But the ITRI MediRobot can do the work very easily. It is the perfect one to lift and transfer patients with ease who suffer from limited mobility.

ITRI MediRobot has got few sensors on its sling. Using the sensors, this Servo-controlled MediRobot can not only transfer a patient from bed to the bathroom or wheel-chair or reverse easily but also it can show off various information like weight, blood pressure etc. The design of the robot is made by Pilotfish. We are not sure when this robot will truly be in our world. But if it comes to our world, then it should be called the best nurse for moving semi or complete disabled people to move around.

Source : Yankodesign


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