Modified Measles Vaccine Can Kill Cancer!

For so long, scientists have been working to kill cancer. They even mentioned that human body just needs better instructions to kill cancer instead of going anywhere or to anybody for treatment. However, after a successful study, scientists now believe that modified measles vaccine, which is actually a virus, can kill cancer.

Cells Inside Human Body

Medical researchers at the Mayo Clinic had modified measles vaccine (actually it was a virus) and delivered the typical dosage of measles vaccine to two women, one was 49-year-old while the other was 65-year-old. These two woman had multiple myeloma, a rare cancer that affects white blood cells in bone marrow. The virus targeted the cancer cells, reduced tumors in the two patients. The 49-year-old woman responded particularly well as her tumors were disappeared.

Researchers have mentioned that this is the first time they’ve been able to eliminate cancer in a human subject using the virus through an intravenous injection. The virus was able to target the tumors itself and even treat affected bone marrow. Dr. Stephen J. Russell, the study’s lead author, said, “What we’re really excited about with this particular approach is that we believe it can become a single-shot cure.”

Based on this breakthrough, medical researchers think that modified measles can kill cancer. It is to be noted here that many promising virus-based cancer treatments have been tested many times in the past, none have advanced far through clinical trials. But modified measles vaccine has shown a light to prevent cancer.

Russell said, “We have an enormous amount of work to do to determine if this is generalizable and how to best apply the approach to other cancer patients. We haven’t discovered a cure for cancer here.”

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