Mobilicity wireless launch approved by CRTC

Mobilicity(new wireless carrier) has been given the green light to start operations this spring, with the CRTC requiring a few minor changes to its ownership and control structure.

DAVE wireless chairman John Bitove and president Dave Dobbin are planning to take on the big three cellphone providers in major Canadian cities. (Canadian Press)

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  1. Gary Jennings

    Mobilicity launched with a bang but is going down with a whimper. Most of their corporate stores are closing down. Their flagship store in the Heartland town Center in Mississauga, Markham, Scarborough and Downtown are all shutting down. What happened?

    Can anyone shed light on this? Why are they closing their flagship corporate stores if they are not going bankrupt?

  2. Hinkleyj

    A lot of water has flown since they launched, Inadequate coverage, Technical and financial issues have forced them to close down SIX of their corporate stores. In desperation they had threatened to sue Rogers, and withdraw their South Asia unlimited plans. They have tried to give it a different spin but I hope they come out of the real spin!

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