New Approach May Help People With Parkinson’s Disease

One of the most prominent symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is that it can cause cell death which, in turn, can lead to many complications. In a recent lab work, scientists have found out that a chemical compound used in anti-wrinkle cream can be used to prevent this.


The actual lab procedure was carried out on a mutation that causes an inherited form of Parkinson’s disease. During the procedure, a chemical compound from an anti-wrinkle cream was successfully used to prevent death of the nerve cells damaged by the aforementioned mutation.

The mutation affects PINK1 enzyme which is also responsible for causing the Parkinson’s disease. The success of the procedure has led the scientists to believe that the same procedure can be applied to control the initial onset of Parkinson’s disease itself. That’s because the intial onset of Parkinson’s disease is also triggered by the malfunction of the PINK1 enzyme.

According to the lead researcher of a UC San Francisco team, “In light of the fact that mutations in PINK1 produce Parkinson’s disease in humans, the finding that kinetin can speed mutated PINK1 activity to near normal levels raises the possibility that kinetin may be used to treat these patients.”

These new findings are certainly a new hope for persons suffering from Parkinson’s disease. It can be hoped that by working on this procedure, scientists will be able to discover better ways of countering the condition.

Courtesy: Slashdot

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