One More Step Ahead To Accomplish Man’s Flying Dream

Since the Wright Brothers’ era, still now it’s human’s dream to fly in air like Birds. Not yet the dream has come true, but still we people are trying to make this dream come true. At least, Jarnos Smeets, a Mechanical Engineer from the Netherlands, is the man who has been plugging away on his Human Bird wings project for long time. As a result, his latest breakthroughs are absolutely worthy of a peek which might lead us to fly in air in Reality.

One More Step to Make Bird's Wings for Human

The modification of Wright Brothers’ flying theory, Parachute, Gliding, Soaring, Airplane etc have come. Now advanced modification of Wright Brothers’ flying theory and Modern Technology, Jarnos Smeets is trying to build a Real-life wings (just like the wings on a bird). Through simple combination of accelerometers of the WiiMote and an HTC Wildfire S and Book-oodles of Software, a set of wings are created. It helps him to measure the arm-speed of his own movements and thus he controls the out runner motors on his DIY wings. A typical Crazy Sketch, some Photos and Video will help us to understand more crystal clear.

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More Image & Video

Exact Sketch of the Idea
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6

But still it’s uncertain that Smeets’ project will yield the results that he wants. Whatever, it is definitely a plus point that he sticks to make this dream come true. If if fails now to fly, doesn’t matter, because who knows, one day he will succeed, make us Astonished and write his name in the Guinness Book of World Record.

Thanks to Jarno Smeets for everything, we also want his dream came true, and help the whole human kind in our flying dream.

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