Physicists Searching For Time Travelers On Twitter, Result Zero Till Now

Sci-fi movies have showed that we can go back to past as well as in future through time travel. Many researchers believe time time travel can change the entire world. And now what we’ve to know that professor Robert Nemeroff and his PhD student Teresa Wilson from Michigan Technological University are now searching for time travelers on Twitter.

Time Travel

In 2005, an MIT graduate student held a convention for time travelers. But unfortunately, no one came to attend that convention. In 2012, Stephen Hawking held a party for time travelers and again like 2005, no one came to the party. But the search for time travelers couldn’t stop stubborn researchers from finding time travelers. In continuation to search for time travelers, professor Robert Nemeroff and his PhD student Teresa Wilson decided to find time travelers again, but not by holding any event or convention like others did earlier, rather via social media – to be more specific, via micro-blogging site, Twitter. But why Twitter?, why not in some other social media sites?

Well, they found that most search engines have a great deal of difficulty searching for items posted within a given slice of time. And after studying the capabilities of a number of search engines and social media, they chose Twitter as their hunting ground. Unfortunately, till now they haven’t found any time travelers yet, but they believe that they’ll find at least one for sure. For more, hit the links below.

Thanks To: Gizmag

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