Teenager Devises Flashlight That Works With Human Body Heat

Most teenagers tend not to tax their minds with science and inventions. But there are some who are out there to create extra-ordinary products which serve humanity at large. An example is that of the 15-year old student, Ann Makosinski, who has now created a flashlight which runs on the human body heat.

The Hollow Flashlight

Makonsinski is a student at St. Michaels University School in Canada and due to her excellent product, she has been selected as a finalist for the Google’s global science fair. The flashlight she has devised needs minimal human body heat to run. One can keep the flashlight charged and it works merely by holding it in a hand. The flashlight makes use of the heat from the hand to light up.

To create this flashlight, Makonsinski has used Peltier tiles. These tiles are able to create energy when one side is being cooled while the other side is hot. She combined the power from these Peltier tiles with a simple circuit which was able to furnish enough voltage.

The combination of these two is what powers up The Hollow Flashlight. The air inside the hollow part of the flashlight acts as the cooling agent while the heat from your hand provides the heat – thus creating the power for Peltier tiles. The best part about this flashlight is that its total cost of manufacturing is a mere $26 and if created on mass scale, these costs could be trimmed down even further.

Courtesy: Dvice

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