Physics Answers How Basketball Players Can Win The Game

The game of basketball is filled with science. Physics, gravity, motion, action and reaction – all factors can be found in the game. However, throwing the ball towards the basket and scoring is most important in this game. After all, the team which scores most wins the game. But shooting the basketball towards the basket in order to pot it is not that much easy. Engineers have calculated that players can perfectly shot the ball towards the basket and pot into it just by learning some methods or techniques.

Science In Basketball, Image Credit : Larry Silverberg of North Carolina State University

Chau Tran and Larry Silverberg, mechanical and aerospace engineers at North Carolina State University, by analyzing “millions of trajectories based on shots by the best free-throw (when players get fouled while shooting) shooters,” have found the best method to pot the ball. This method can be called the magic formula.

If a player launches the ball aiming for a spot 7 centimeters (2.8 inches) back from the center of the basket toward the back of the rim at 52 degree angle which will backspin 3 times per second, then the chances of potting the ball goes higher. With backspin, if the ball hits the rim or backboard, the contact deadens the ball. Hence the speed of the ball’s motion becomes slower and therefore the chances of falling the ball into the basket goes higher.

Be noted, this theory is applicable for 6 feet 6 inches tall players. If players of a team could mind it and follow it in the game, they surely will score more and thus may win the game.

Source : NC State University
Thanks To : MSGID

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