Scientists Believe Green Meteorite Found In Morocco Is From Mercury

Few days ago, we read that a meteorite that may reveal the Martian secrets. Now some scientists believe that they might have discovered another meteorite which possibly have come to the Earth from the planet, Mercury.

Green Meteorite Found In Morocco

Last year scientists found a green rock in Morocco. They believe this is a space rock named NWA 7325. The meteorite NWA 7325 is actually a group of 35 meteorite samples. Scientists believe that this meteorite is not an asteroid. Rather they believe this green rock has come from Mercury and its age is about 4.56 billion years.

Anthony Irving, a meteorite scientist unveiled the new findings in March at the 44th annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands, Texas, and said that this is the first known meteorite visitor from the solar system’s innermost planet. He also believes that this meteorite will reveal many important information about Mercury.

Source: Space

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