Scientists May Use DNA Test To Find The Real Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is probably the most widely recognized painting all over the world. The painting, done by Leonardo Da Vinci, shows a woman with a half-smile and a half-smirk. A few days ago we have researchers painting the world’s smallest Mona Lisa. And now scientists are trying to find the remains of a woman who, many historians agree, was the prime inspiration behind the painting.

Mona Lisa

Lise Gherardini was the wife of a silk merchant back in the days of Da Vinci. It is generally agreed that she was the woman who was the inspiration for the Mona Lisa painting. Now, scientists are trying to find the remains of Lisa Gherardini.

So far, scientists have shortlisted their search to three bodies they have exhumed. However, they are not sure which of them belongs to the real Lisa Gherardini. To make sure that they find the right body, they have now decided to make use of the DNA test.

To make the DNA test work, scientists are now finding the remains of Lisa Gherardini’s husband and sons. The DNAs collected from these bodies will then be matched against three possible Lisa Gherardini bodies. If the DNAs link up to the DNA of any of these three bodies, the body will be confirmed to belong to Lisa Gherardini. You can watch the video below to catch more details on the subject.

Courtesy: Mashable

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