Scientists Use Hemp To Create Healthy Cooking Oil

Hemp is one of the most effortless produced items in the agriculture sector. It grows fast and its plants provide fiber as well as oil. Scientists have now found a way to use hemp extracts and create a very healthy cooking oil.


Hemp oil, extracted from the plant in its natural form, is not fit for cooking at all. It turns rancid within no time and the only way of keeping it from doing so is to refrigerate it. Since we typically do not refrigerate cooking oil, hemp oil in its natural form makes a poor option for frying.

However, scientists and genetic researchers have been able to create a new and better version of the hemp oil. This new version still comes from hemp but it contains better fatty acid content such as the healthy oleic acid, and it is not as unstable as original hemp oil. In fact, it can last seven times longer when compared to oil from original hemp.

This new version is a result of some intelligent genetic modifications. The researchers discerned the genes which were responsible for polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp. They then disabled these genes, letting the plant create more mono-unsaturated facts which are far more beneficial for the body.

The breakthrough finally makes it possible to turn hemp into a very profitable cash crop. Currently, the new strain of hemp is being tested around Europe and if the tests run smoothly, it may soon be up for a commercial launch within the next 3 years. The question is, will you pick up a hemp oil can at your local grocery store once it becomes available?

Courtesy: PopSci

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